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My notes on one of the many issues I’ve had on my Latitude D830 running Vista…

Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN on Dell Latitude D830, Vista x32 Enterprise w/SP1 and all fixes

-No magic firewall or antivirus software (the cure is worse than the disease IMO – using good hygiene I’ve never had an issue!)

I was getting regular (2-5 per hour) BSOD’s when operating onbattery, out of dock – mainly when browsing the web (esp IE7.. Yuck i know.).

I had enabled Driver Verifier (verifier.exe) fully, and was getting 0x00000019 BAD_POOL_HEADER, 0x000000C4 DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION, 0x000000C5 DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL

I eliminated every non-critical driver (regedit, ccs\services Start=4) including modem, audio, etc but still had the issue.

I began to suspect the wireless driver. So I tried another version.

Uninstalling and reinstalling wouldn’t actually change the driver NETw4v32.sys (2,555,392 bytes – 12/03/2008)

After fiddling I did end up getting the machine to BSOD on boot (5-20 secs after logon screen) every time, dunno how.

Disabling WLAN in BIOS stopped the BSOD’s. This clinched it.

Here’s what I did:

-Renamed c:\windows\system32\drivers\NETw4v32.sys to NETw4v32.sysx

-Uninstalled the Intel driver package

-Double checked NETw4v32.sys was still renamed

-Deleted the services via regedit (in HKLM\SYSTEM\CCS\Services) EvtEng, NETw4v32, Regsrvc

-Checked no files remained in C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless

-Rebooted with wireless off in BIOS to prevent possible PNP redetection

-Checked NETw4v32.sys hadn’t returned

-Installed Intel PROSet/Wirelessdriver package v11.5.0.32 (DRIVER ONLY, NOT the IT Administrator package)

-Checked file NETw4v32.sys (now 2,251,776 bytes – 26/9/2007)

-Reset my personal driver preferences (Adapter properties->Configuration) eg 802.11n=off etc

While this was not the only thing I did to try and resolve these BSOD’s, these ones are gone and I am slowly re-adding the other drivers (Bluetooth stack, Virtual PC, WMDC, modem) to ensure it wasn’t any of those.

I’ve also reenabled Medium Savings under Power Management.

Interestingly the NETw4v32.sys driver had no digital signature, nor did rightclick properties details show version etc.

Good luck :)

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