Resume from hibernate fails with black screen, flashing cursor under Vista- WORKAROUND   Leave a comment

Here’s a copy of a post I made on the Dell Forums relating to hibernation resume under Vista. Original post –

The issue still exists – I’ve disabled the pcmcia.sys driver to work around the issue.


Thought I’d post to document what I’ve found after at least 40 solid hours of troubleshooting.

If your notebook won’t fully wake from hibernation, and instead sits there with a black screen with a flashing white cursor at top left of screen, this is probably for you.

The issue specifically occurs here on a Latitude D830 running Vista Ent x32. The command to hibernate completes ok. On power-on, the resume process starts, the "resuming windows" bar winds back and forth with HDD activity, and after 10-20 seconds the video mode changes as expected, but instead of bringing up Windows desktop the machine is stuck/frozen with only a white cursor flashing in a dos-mode display res black screen. It’s unresponsive (no kb lights etc) only a long press on power will shut it off. At reboot the NT loader says "Resume failed, do you want to delete restoration data and boot normally".

Unsuccessful troubleshooting included

-All third-party drivers were disabled via regedit (set start type to 4) and all non-essential Microsoft drivers as well (USB etc).

-Firmware and driver versions correct, chkdsk, hiberfil.sys recreated, peripherals removed

-All MS KB articles relating to Vista and hibernation read, relevant hotfixes obtained and applied.. SP1 installed (which was another story)

-All combinations of power management settings

-Replacement of mainboard, processor, RAM, HDD (this was to try and fix another issue with SSD HDD BSOD’s, but didn’t fix this one)

-Reinstall from scratch several times with Vista Enterprise x32 using only Dell drivers and software

-Left it with the Dell service agents to muddle with (with no success I must add, so I took it back)

Eventually I found what I think is the problem. It seems that disabling the onboard PC card/1394 controller via the BIOS works around this problem. I suspect what is happening is the onboard O2Micro PC Card controller (or the associated smartcard reader and 1394 controller) is buggy in that it does not behave correctly when returning from S4. The supporting driver is the Microsoft pcmcia.sys so it’s not a driver issue imo.

This of course is not a solution – it’s up to Dell to work with their third-party suppliers to provide hardware that is Vista compliant. I happen to use my PC card slot quite a bit for WWAN and other cards.

Are there any Dell reps here who could recommend what I could do to get this on an engineer’s radar?

Hope this helped someone having this problem – if I can I’ll update this post with more info as I have it.

Keywords: vista hibernate hibernation resume black flashing cursor hangs freezes "delete restoration data"

Posted May 17, 2008 by benryanau in Microsoft

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