Vista not appending DNS domain name to lookups   Leave a comment

Ran across this today..

Vista x32 SP1 box, IE stopped working. It wasn’t using the proxy. Trace showed it couldn’t auto-detect the proxy. It was attempting to look up "wpad" to grab the proxy wpad.dat file. The local DNS was returning "Server failure". It was because the client wasn’t appending the domain suffix to the query. It had been working fine, and no configuration had changed to trigger this issue. DHCP was issuing the suffix with its leases, the adapter had "Append primary and connection-specific DNS suffixes" set.

No "DNS suffix for this connection" was manually entered (this is provided by DHCP).

Nslookup was issuing unqualified names (eg trying to resolve "wpad" not "wpad.local"). All other winsock apps were doing the same.

No funky LSP’s were present, nor GPO’s or anything in hosts file. The box just stopped resolving, wouldn’t append the suffix. I tried disabling/enabling the adapter, flushing the dns resolver cache (ipconfig /flushdns), ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew.

Then after a heap of fiddling it seemed to be better – but I had to close and re-open any apps that were open while the problem was present to get them to work properly. They seemed to have some sort of stateful relationship with (winsock?) that needed to be re-established after whatever I did fixed the global issue.

Weird.. just logging it in case it’s a silent issue.

Posted September 23, 2008 by benryanau in Microsoft

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