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Having a need for a small-business groupware solution (specifically for project management, task management and possibly timesheeting, issue tracking) I started to poke around to see what’s around.
My preference is ASP, SQL based.
Here’s a shortlist:
*Stylite Egroupware
-New release Oct 2008
-PHP under IIS (XAMP recommended)
-MySQL5 (MSSQL "sort of works"
-Free – vendor sells managed, hosted services
-Windows Mobile vis Synthesis client via SyncML
Good task management and tracking, calendaring, contacts (not sure about how well Outlook/Windows Mobile sync works), web-based file manager (not quite Document Management but is WebDAV enabled)
Knowledge management (articles etc), resource bookings (cars etc), timesheets linkable to anything on the server,

-Under regular development
-Deployment tips here –
-Ruby 2.12, MySQL >4.1 (eg
-Not particularly Windows/IIS friendly
Gantt charts, Doc and file management, feeds and email notifications, Per-project wiki and forums, time tracking, custom fields for timetracking/issues/projects
Subprojects, Flexible issue tracking. HTML or text view.

-Targeted at software development but is applicable to other uses
-Still in beta, kind of active development but slow
-FOSS, C#, .Net 2.0, SQL2005Ex+, IIS,
-Aims to be a sourceforge replacement
-Not a particularly intuitive product for project management

-Seems to be more of a web based office package
Reasonable task management with time tracking

-Moderate ongoing development – new release July 2008
-Used by deBortoli Wines
-Focused on Project Management
Email ticketing, Client/Company management, project listings, hierachical task lists, File repository, Calendar, Forums, ACLs

-IIS4+, .Net1.1+, SQL2000 or SQL2005Ex
-Free version, not fully featured but still very useful ($80 per user standard)
-Project management, Action management, Project diary, document management
-Licensed versions add project portfolio, time/expenses, workflow . Enterprise == nvoicing, sales/profitability reports, business trend analysis, other features
Very good, focused project management – great UI.
Enterprise Features are strong, could replace an accounting system? But price unknown.

Posted February 16, 2009 by benryanau in ICT

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