Making Firefox Remember Passwords – SIMPLE SOLUTION (FF 9.0.1, FF10.0, FF12.0)   39 comments


Hi all,

Single post to hand over a quick and direct solution for making new versions of Firefox remember all passwords. (Applies to FF9.0.1 AND 12.0, future builds may require an updated fix).
It’s 99% effective – it works on all those sites that tell FF *NOT* to save passwords via the “autocomplete”=”off” directive. Won’t work on some sites using special methods to block saving.

(1) Download the omni.jar below FOR YOUR VERSION OF FF,
(2) close Firefox, and replace C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\omni.ja with my version.
(3) DELETE THE STARTUP CACHE FOLDER  Find it at C:\Users (or Documents and Settings \<UserName>\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profilename>\startupCache>
(4) Restart Firefox

From my SkyDrive..

Firefox 9.0.1
– Just the omni.jar file.
Full pack
– For those who want to maintain the default version, and inspect or recreate what I’ve done. You need ActiveState Python to DIY rebuild.

Firefox 10.0

Omni.ja – Just the omni.ja

Firefox 12.0

OmniJarv12.0 – Just the omni.ja

Firefox 15.1 – Just the omni.ja

I took some tips from raymond’s blog and used ActiveState Python (my version wouldn’t work for some reason) and Mozilla’s to de-optimise, replace the nsLoginManager.js file inside with my edited version, and re-optimise. I’ve edited the nsLoginManager.js to return autocomplete= false for both the usual section and another suspect autocomplete section I didn’t like. Can’t hurt.
While there’s an extension for this which I haven’t tested, and bookmarklets can be a workaround, I think this approach is the easiest.

Tested working without any (noticeable) bugs. Probably needs redoing on future releases of Firefox, but we’ll come to that when it happens.

Oh yeah. Paypal still won’t save. I suspect they’re using an active defence against password saving, maybe by presenting some kind of unique login page for each session and fooling FF’s password autocomplete logic. I don’t have the skills to fix that, and I doubt Mozdev’s would be interesting in helping. Paypal *really* don’t want us to save passwords.

PAYPAL TESTED WORKING!  But.. here’s a trick for Paypal.. you might have to type the first few letters, but double-click your auto-filled username and the pass will autofill!

I’ll prattle on in another post about my earlier attempts and maybe a bit more detail on what I actually did, and how I’ve tried to analyse Paypal’s stubbornness… but this should help someone, somewhere, given there was no 1-2-3 easy way to do this until I posted the jar file.
Okies,  give us some feedback! Particularly if you find any bugs.



  • UPDATE FOR v15.1
  • <<UPDATE: New update for Firefox 12.0 – link above!>>
  • New version (v12.0) attempts to suppress the login prompts.. not sure if it works yet!
  • Ensure you delete the StartupCache file – this is just a FF internal cache that rebuilds itself if deleted.. it speeds up load times a few secs but also interferes with changes like this one..
  • PAYPAL Now works! It works for me, I can tell you that!

39 responses to “Making Firefox Remember Passwords – SIMPLE SOLUTION (FF 9.0.1, FF10.0, FF12.0)

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  1. Hi,
    I just discovered your post with this solution but it doesn’t work with Firefox 10.
    I think the point is that the file is now named omni.ja, not omni.jar
    Have an idea ?
    Thanks in advance !

    • Aha. Thanks for the heads up. I just saw FF10’s release yesterday. I’ll update today and have a look to see what changes they’ve made this time..
      Check back for an update in a couple days, I’ll sort out what needs doing to fix this in FF10. Should have a new release of the patch after the weekend.


    • Okay I’ve created an updated omni.ja file – they renamed it to omni.ja because it’s not a proper JAR file.
      Come of the content has changed from FF9.0.1 so I rebuilt the JA file from a FF10.0 release.
      Tested working here.. should work fine for you.

    • Yes I know, my OmniJar update for v10 contains the “.ja” file.
      There’s something else going on here.. while my update does seem to work for some sites, there are others (I use PayPal to test with) that still don’t work.
      I need a site other than PayPal cause I think they’re doing something extra to block us.

      Could anyone point me to a site that’s broken that I can register with to test with? Obviously I can’t test if I dont have a login :)


    • Hmm, I’ll see if I can have a look at it over the next week.
      Might be related to the PayPal issue, though I’ve found a similar problem with another banking site.
      Maybe it’s in the form field names, FF may not be picking the form up as a login page.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. So, any idea ?

  3. This is not working with firefox 10………and yahoo mail……..
    recheck it and solve the issue……..

  4. Not working for me either on the site I need it… (FF10 user here)

  5. I’m reworking it now, will post an update soon.

    @Nick – Does it work for you at all?
    @Vincent – Does it work for you at all?

    • @benryanau – I have no problem with FF except for that bank website and your omni.jar doesn’t work with it .

      • No, what I’m asking is: does my update work at all? Since you installed it, have you noticed any changes – did any websites that blocked saved passwords start to allow saving?

        • That’s what I say : I never had any problem with FF (so I can’t tell you if your update changes anything) except this bank site, for which your file doesn’t work.

          • Yes I know you can’t give me your bank details :) Hopefully a reader will have a site I CAN use.
            Okay that’s what I wanted to find out, if any other sites are “fixed” but if you only need one site, and the update doesn’t work for that’ we’ll have to keep working on it.

  6. Hi, does this work with FF 11 too? Can you make an update?

    Drazen Prastalo
  7. I’ve tried omni.ja for version 10 on version 11 on Mac, it doesn’t work, FF won’t open it crashes right away.

    Drazen Prastalo
  8. Is there any way to save passwords in Firefox 11 w/o the prompt showing up? I’ve tried the nsloginmanagerprompt.js trick, but it doesnt seem to work on newer versions. Thnaks in advance

    • Hmm yes I’ve seen this done in earlier versions. I did have a quick look at it and unfortunately I’m not good enough at coding to make it happen.. they changed the code at some stage so the cut-n-paste-ninja-edit I found on the web doesn’t apply.
      However if I get a chance I’ll see if I can get this to work.

  9. Righto.. updated for Firefox v12.0!

  10. Reblogged this on benryanau and commented:

    Check the post for the red text.. there’s more info in it!

  11. As far as my bank website is concerned, your update for FF 12 doesn’t change anything : the password is saved and automatically shown when the page is loaded, but the username is not.

  12. Doesn’t work on ff 12… still prompts.

  13. This PayPal issue is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. The fix for me is to use SAFARI on my MAC. Safari uses KeyChain and it works every time with multiple usernames, even on PayPal.

  14. Same here the prompt still shows up on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and such. Any way to save passwords without the prompt in FF 12, or even 9 or 10?

  15. Sorry lads and lasses.. been AWOL. I’ll push out an update ASAP (I’d do it today but my production machine is running FF15 beta.. a patched version of that isn’t any help to you guys!)
    For those who used the mod and didn’t get results, all I can say if that the site you’re using uses a different method of password-save blocking than Firefox is responding to. Probably no amount of hacking FF will make these sites work – javascripted forms, flash dialog boxes – they’re all just too non-standard.
    My mod DOES however work on a lot of sites that otherwise keep nagging for passwords – I know this because I haven’t modded my production PC Firefox yet and the password prompts are driving me nuts.

    Takes some mucking about and you gotta right-click “fill form” everytime usually but hey it’s better than nothing.

    Anyways, update for current version is in the pipeline.. stay tuned!

  16. Hello there,

    Do this work with the current version of firefox or do you got any soloution for the latest version of Firefox 16.0

    • Sorry Mani I can’t keep up with preview and nightly builds – I’m only publishing updated patches for the release channel this stage. I will however verify compatibility with 15.1 (current) and prepare an update within the next couple of days if required but I think it works ok with 15.1.. check back in a few days or subscribe to the blog.
      I’m also running the Nightly versions on my virtual desktop which means I also lack the patched file so I have to put up with the password-bug too :(
      Hopefully there will be a better solution that mine available soon.

  17. I heard something about a dynamic patching addon for FF that does basically what my JA build does, but does it in-process, in-memory on-the-fly inside of Firefox itself.
    When I find out more info and get some idea on availability I’ll report here asap!

  18. Okay guys here’s one to try out.. it’s the patcher addon.
    We need to support the author if his stuff really does work!
    Remember Passwords Addon –

  19. Sadly no longer working for silencing the annoying prompt in firefox 18.1 :(

    • Life has been turned upside for me recently and at this time I’m unable to produce an updated version of the patched omni.ja :(
      I do recommend, if you haven’t tried them already, the two extensions mentioned in my earlier posts – they did work for earlier versions, not sure if that’s still true but if I get a chance to test I’ll post back. Cheers for letting me know though, hopefully I’ll be able to return to the coalface again soon :)

  20. I need some help, I have a macbook pro computer and I want firefox 4 to remember all passwords for sites automatically without notification on my computer. Is this possible and how do I do it.

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