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First, I don’t use Internet Explorer except in special cases (machines where I can’t/don’t want to install Firefox) and then I am very careful what sites I visit – and I make sure all extensions/plugins are disabled (especially that horrid Flash).
But sometimes I do use it, and here’s something I worked out for those times. Maybe it will help you if you decide to use IE. Which isn’t the best idea, you realize. Anyhow…

Google made their standard search more idiot-proof. This sucks because non-idiots can’t use advanced search tools anymore. While you can go to a new Verbatim search tool (left side panel of Google Search), it’s a pain to do every time. Internet Explorer’s search box uses this standard search.  Microsoft has crappy search providers on their “IE Gallery” website, so that was no help. BTW Firefox has excellent ones available at MyCroft.. Including a Google Australia Verbatim search provider.
So, it was time to set Verbatim as default – now to work out how.
It was pretty easy actually. Here’s how I did it.

You set it up by regedit’ing it into your search provider. The location and method described is valid for IE8 at least, not sure about IE9.

Open regedit, browse to this key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes

In the list of keys under that, find the Google entry (DisplayName=”Google”).
Edit (double-click) the URL value and put this at the end of the line:


Close IE and re-open it to load the new setting. Shiny! Now the Google search will default to Verbatim.

Posted March 15, 2012 by benryanau in ICT

2 responses to “Internet Explorer – Google Verbatim search

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  1. Brilliant trick! Congratulations!

    May I point out that this trick will work Only if you enter Google through the Internet Explorer Search box on the upper right. But this trick will not get you to Verbatim mode if you go directly to Google through in the URL Address box on the upper left.

    The advantage of this situation is that, in Internet Explorer, you can have your Google in 1) Verbatim mode if you enter Google through the Search box on the upper right, or you can have your Google in 2) Non-verbatim mode if you make Google your Internet Explorer default page of

    So then, of course, there are some interesting variations on this game where you 1) copy from Regedit into Notepad the string that you find in the Data field of the URL variable of the Key as identified above, then 2) append the &tbs=li:1&tbo=1&gbv=1 string as identified above, then 3) put that concatenated field as a link in your HomePage. If you click on the resulting link, you will get a Google search in Verbatim mode on search Terms.

    If you substitute Your Name into the {search Terms} to give you …{Your Name}… in the URL of the link in the above paragraph, clicking on the resulting link will give you an automated Google search on Your Name — with Google in Verbatim mode. {smile} After all, you don’t want to see all those listings of the people who misspell Your Name, do you?

    And, as you can see from the above, Google is Never Verbatim for {anything} in { }, is it.

    • Yeah, and it’s the same in Firefox of course. If only Google allowed you to set global search preference defaults. I spose it’s useful as you mention where Verbatim is used from the search box only, while other searches are normal.
      Haha.. nope, it’s never really verbatim. It’s a pain, the way it mungs your searches. Give me Metacrawler, with full boolean searches, wildcarding, and no “oh this is what you meant” buggery.

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