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Hisense 24F33   ahh stuff it

Monitor Name Active Serial Number Manufacture Week ManufacturerID ProductID Maximum Resolution Image Size Maximum Image Size Horizontal Frequency Vertical Frequency Digital Standby Mode Suspend Mode Low-Power Mode Default GTF Display Gamma Serial Number (Numeric) EDID Version Registry Key Last Update Time
AAA Yes 18 / 2014 6243 (0x1863) 0 (0x0000) 1366 X 768 57.5 X 32.3 cm (26.0 Inch) 30 – 80 KHz 50 – 76 Hz Yes No No No No 1.00 0 (0x00000000) 1.3 XXX0000\4&2d793243&0&UID257 6/6/2020 10:45:08 PM

MFGID:6243 (0x1863) PRDID:0 (0x0000) RES:1366×768 HFrq:30-80 kHz VFrq:50-76 Hz
MFGWK: 2014/18

EDID shows little.

Inbuild panel shows – CMN1132\4&2d793243&0&UID256 (

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