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Hey all..

I’m from an ICT background, and I like to get right in under the hood of things. Not just IT stuff either. Some if it’s real screen-behind-the-mirror stuff, but nobody finds most of that useful so I don’t write about it.

What I do write about is stuff I find out, stuff I think other people will find useful. I get a kick out of it. And if I’ve helped somehow, grand.

This is my second time around in the modern era of blogging. The first went for a long time, on similar topics, and was pretty useful to people gathering by the hits and references.

Alas, that was on MS Live Spaces, and some idiots there decided Windows Live Writer was worth more time than Live Spaces (which WERE cool.. more than a blog, but I digress..). So here I am on WordPress, which I still find frustrating. Hopefully Google gets their act together and provides a one-stop picture/blog/file/IM shop like MS used to. Though Google gives me the creeps.

Anyhow, that’s an about: page done.


Posted January 11, 2012 by benryanau

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