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How to block base64 images with uBlock (and other things) – PCR’s notepad   Leave a comment

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Telstra Contact Points   Leave a comment

Essential contact points – all free to call at no charge with a Telstra number.

132 200 Telstra residential general enquiries
125 111 Telstra residential mobile enquiries
132 203 Telstra residential faults
137 663 BigPond enquiries
133 933 BigPond Tech Support
125 8880 Prepaid enquiries
125 8888 Prepaid recharges
125 8887 Prepaid activations
132 000 Telstra Business enquiries
132 999 Telstra Business faults

Outage list

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Running list of CookieDepositors I don’t like   Leave a comment

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RTL-SDR “TEMPEST” Video Eavesdropping…   Leave a comment

I had to do this.

hax0r into ppl's skreenx0rz!

hax0r into ppl’s skreenx0rz!

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VMWare Workstation 12.5.0 (Windows) Direct Links   Leave a comment

Here are some links directly into the URLs accessed by the Workstation client in it’s inbuilt update mechanism. Sadly it’s the only way offered to update an install (other than download the full installer and do an over-the-top.) An isolated host is in trouble. Plus, the UI update process transmits a lot of data back to VMWare you may not be comfortable with.

Parent page

Workstation 12.5.0 Update
Workstation 12.5.0 VMWare Tools for Linux Update

Workstation 12.5.0 VMWare Tools for Windows Update


Workstation 12.5.0 Update Metadata (not required)

Workstation 12.5.0 Packages/VMWare Tools Update Metadata (not required)



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Paragon Go Virtual 2015 free   2 comments

(stole some from

Paragon Go Virtual 2015 free license

Paragon Go Virtual 2015 is a virtualization software that allows you to create a virtual clone of your existing Windows system – including all of its applications and settings – in just a few clicks. With the help of Paragon Go Virtual 2015 free license, you can create a copy of your current system, Windows 7, or Windows 8 virtual machine VirtualBox, VMWare, and set it next to the new operating system Windows 10 (after the transition to it) to run older programs without compatibility issues.

Paragon Go Virtual 2015 free license

Key Features:

  • P2V Copy to migrate a Windows physical system to a virtual environment in the online mode.
  • P2V Adjust to recover the startup ability after unsuccessful virtualization with a 3rd party tool.
  • Create VD to create an empty virtual disk or with specific data of one of the supported virtualization vendors.
  • Easy size setup for virtual disks with the partition auto-resize option.
  • Disk file split for VMware to automatically cut the resulted virtual image to files of 2 GBs each.

System Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium or compatible, 300 MHz or higher processor;
  • RAM: At least 128 MB;
  • Disk space: 250 MB (During the installation additional free space (up to 1GB) will be required);
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP;
  • Supports all popular desktop virtual machines, including Oracle Virtual Box 4, Microsoft Virtual PC, VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, Parallels Workstation.

. On the specified e-mail address will come registration data (product key / user and serial number) and a link to download the program.

You can download the product by using the following link:

Try this free license if you miss out the giveaway:

[sociallocker]Product Key: PSG-415-PEE-PL-575989996
Serial Number: 5181F-4965D-06D74-965DB[/sociallocker]’


A lot of fuss is being made these days about disk image backups being rendered for virtual machines. Microsoft has actually integrated this ability into the latest versions of Windows, so simply creating one is no big deal. However, a program such as Paragon’s Go Virtual that will not only create them in Microsoft format, but in VMware and Oracle’s VirtualBox format as well, is rare and useful. VMware and VirtualBox have historically offered more features and have users/fans who simply do not wish to switch.

To use Go Virtual, you’ll need to get a product key and serial number from the company’s Web site. You’re sent there from one of the installation dialogs and the info is then e-mailed to you. Refreshingly, the checkboxes for receiving advertising email from the company are actually unchecked by default. There is a button on the main screen to upgrade to the company’s Virtualization Manager 2010 Professional, which adds the ability to create a virtual machine from plain Paragon drive image files, but Go Virtual should actually be enough for the average user.

Paragon Go Virtual uses a wizard to walk you through the image creation process: selecting the partitions to image, which format the image will be in, and where it will be saved. It also asks you some other questions such as what type of virtual hard drive you want it to mimic, IDE or SCSI, etc. Just accept the defaults and you’re good to go.

Go Virtual will also convert virtual machines it has already created between any of the three popular formats, you don’t have to waste time creating multiple images of the same partition. Note that the conversion process operates upon the existing VM; it doesn’t create a new one. Also, your virtual hard drive won’t be bootable unless it’s an image of an operating partition.

All in all, Go Virtual worked perfectly and is perfectly useful in its free incarnation. If you’re into VMs at all, it’s a download must.

Note: This software comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This is the 64-bit version, which is for 64-bit PCs running a 64-bit OS. If your PC is running a different supported OS, please download the 32-bit version instead.


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