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How to block base64 images with uBlock (and other things) – PCR’s notepad   Leave a comment


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Running list of CookieDepositors I don’t like   Leave a comment

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VMWare Workstation 12.5.0 (Windows) Direct Links   Leave a comment

Here are some links directly into the URLs accessed by the Workstation client in it’s inbuilt update mechanism. Sadly it’s the only way offered to update an install (other than download the full installer and do an over-the-top.) An isolated host is in trouble. Plus, the UI update process transmits a lot of data back to VMWare you may not be comfortable with.

Parent page

Workstation 12.5.0 Update
Workstation 12.5.0 VMWare Tools for Linux Update

Workstation 12.5.0 VMWare Tools for Windows Update


Workstation 12.5.0 Update Metadata (not required)

Workstation 12.5.0 Packages/VMWare Tools Update Metadata (not required)



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New MS Hotmail / is a bit overbloated with script and active content but everything’s like that n0w I spose.

Despite the fat causing browsers to suffer resource bloat, therefore making it costly to leave a tab open for Hotmail while browsing, it’s still quite good.

It could do with room to improve though.

Here’s some suggestions, blogged so I can pass them to the devs; the feedback form isn’t much chop with limited chars and no provision for a two-way dialog or issue tracking functionality..


When reading email from the Inbox, after selecting a message, (and the content then showing in the reading pane), the space-bar doesn’t work to scroll down-page in the reading pane.
It did behave that way in the past.
Obviously this small keyboard shortcut/feature is very useful when wading through a full inbox!
An ideal scenario which is not currently possible for reading an inbox with many new messages would be the provising of keyboard accelerators for a workflow similar to this:
-Beginning in the reading pane..
-Shift-tab from Reading Pane back up to the currently active email in the Message List,
-Then arrow down to the next email, with it then displaying in reading pane
-Press tab to make reading pane active
-Space-bar and/or arrow up/down through the message
-Tab or Shift Tab back to Message List when done
-Press delete, ctrl-m for move, or one of a number of other appropriate accelerators for common actions to deal with the message
-Return highlight/selection to the next email down in the Msg List
-Tab down to the Reading Pane


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QuickRef: Google Search Modifiers   Leave a comment

(Shamelessly stolen) Google search modifiers quickref..

  • 1. link:url

This will give the list of sites that links to designated site.

  • 2. related:url

This search will give you all sites related to the url you have entered in the above query.

  • 3. site:domain

This will show all the pages of the Domain you enter in the above query.

  • 4. allinurl:search term

This will show only those results in whose url your search term will appear exactly.

  • 5. Inurl:search term

This is similar to the query allinurl but it will search only the first word of search term in url and the rest of the words will be searched in the page.

  • 6. allintitle:search term

This will show only those sites which have your search term in the tittle of website.

  • 7. Intitle:search term

Show only those sites which have your first word of search term in tittle and the rest of the words in their page.

  • 8. spell:search term

This will check your search term for spelling mistakes and autosearch in google with correct words.

  • 9. filetype:extension search term

It will provide you only those sites which provides a document of your extension type and having your search term in it.

  • 10. Filetype:ppt environment

It will show all ppt files in which the environment word is used. This type of search is extremely useful for finding presentations(ppt or pptx) and e books(pdf)

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