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RTL-SDR “TEMPEST” Video Eavesdropping…   Leave a comment

I had to do this.

hax0r into ppl's skreenx0rz!

hax0r into ppl’s skreenx0rz!


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Life, and Ubiquiti Compliance Test   9 comments

Living hell as a shell right now, in the aftermath of a year-long self-induced destruction of my mind, personality and life.

Completely lost it and fell into a world of paranoid psychosis and self-delusion.

At least I don’t believe I’m possessed anymore. And I’m not imagining self-realities to make people want to kill me.




Ubiquiti canned compliance test mode in their latest AirOS. You should still be able to reenable it by:

  • Login: UBNT, password: UBNT
  • select country Bolivia
  • upgrade to 5.5.8
  • after the upgrade log in the website again and we reset to default

2 After a reset to factory settings

  • log in through putty (address
  • create a file with the command: touch /etc/ persistent/ ct
  • then the command: save
  • then: reboot

3 After the restart

  • at first logon the website, select the country “compliance test” instead of Bolivia

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Software Defined Radio – SDR… it rocks!   Leave a comment

Got myself a Realtek 2832U a.k.a RTLSDR DVB Dongle a while ago.. got sick of list listening to police/fire/ambo’s etc (cool as that is) so now I’m after more!’

I’ll write up the local frequencies in use here when I get a chance, sadly there’s no simple ‘scanner’ application for these radios yet so it’s manual ‘scope staring to find signals.

There’s not a lot of FM voice around but heaps of chips and whistles all over the place.. that means data!
Aha.. something I can sniff..
Now this isn’t easy or commonly done, there are few complete codesets around that do anything like what I want. A shame I can’t code, but I’ll try and do what I can with what’s around.

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