Life, and Ubiquiti Compliance Test   9 comments

Living hell as a shell right now, in the aftermath of a year-long self-induced destruction of my mind, personality and life.

Completely lost it and fell into a world of paranoid psychosis and self-delusion.

At least I don’t believe I’m possessed anymore. And I’m not imagining self-realities to make people want to kill me.




Ubiquiti canned compliance test mode in their latest AirOS. You should still be able to reenable it by:

  • Login: UBNT, password: UBNT
  • select country Bolivia
  • upgrade to 5.5.8
  • after the upgrade log in the website again and we reset to default

2 After a reset to factory settings

  • log in through putty (address
  • create a file with the command: touch /etc/ persistent/ ct
  • then the command: save
  • then: reboot

3 After the restart

  • at first logon the website, select the country “compliance test” instead of Bolivia

Posted July 13, 2014 by benryanau in Extreme - Long Range, Hacking, Radio, Radio, Wireless

9 responses to “Life, and Ubiquiti Compliance Test

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  1. Keep going buddy! Google neuroplasticity!

    Jesus H Christ
  2. Looks like ‘touch’ is gone from 5.5.10, any other solutions?

  3. or just echo “”>/etc/….

  4. Unlock country mode to compliance test for 5ac 500

    • edit the country code in the config file to 511 throught Notepad and then save it and upload it back in the unit, as long as it is an international unit, let me know if it worked for you

      stéphane Carrière
  5. Hi. I have a strange ‘Compliance Test’ question. We have some other (non-UBNT) gear which allows use of the 2350-2412 frequencies for Amateur Radio. The problem is, their ‘channel map’ or channel names/number seem to be different. So, the problem is that when I set both my UBNT gear and the other gear to ‘all frequencies’, they can connect on 2412 – 2482 (yes, the couple channels past 2462 work) but they don’t see each other on 2377 or 2352 or 2402. They both have those frequencies to choose from, but they don’t link.

    SO, my theory is that they have a differing channel name structure, and I’m wondering if there is a way to download/edit/upload the CT country code in an M2 unit?

  6. what should i do if i want to add another country code?

  7. Thanks for the putty commands.
    And your Health is well in Jesus name.

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